One year ago today - September 6, 2011 - Sarah (tomcleverleys) and I started something that quickly spiralled out of our (admittedly) already very fragile control. Team Renner was something born out of a stupid joke made between two (new) friends via tags and from there it developed a life of its own.

If you were around for the early days - well first I should really apologize for some of the awful stuff you probably saw let’s be real - you most likely saw some ridiculous macros, bad edits, dangerous flailing, and a lot of moaning. If you stuck around I judgeย love you a little bit. You saw the Liferuining Guide written and later illustrated. You saw banners being put up. And let’s not discuss the many songs butchered in the name of Renner and his butt. And now you see that we finally gave in and made a separate blogย and the TRF tag is filled with so many quality people you make me weep a bit.

Most importantly - in my opinion at least - you saw friendships form.

And for that I truly thank all of you. Without this wonderful team I would never have met some of the people I now consider my closest friends. I know that Team Renner has grown too big for me to be able to possibly know everyone but do know that I appreciate each and every one of you. I simply cannot say it enough. Thank you. Thank you for being a part of something that has always meant so much more than just Renner to me.

Though he is a nice benefit I must say.


Let’s stretch, bitches.

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